Company PEHAS, Petros Charalampous has been established in Poland in order to represent,  in the Polish and Eastern Europe markets, companies in the sector of  Chemicals for Water and waste water treatment as well as Polymers and Purging Agents for plastics.

Company manager, Mr Petros Charalampous is a MSc Chemical Engineer and has been working in the sector with multinational companies over the last ten years gaining relevant experience.

Main companies that we are representing are:

Drewo S.r.l. : is an Italian company founded in 1990 working with main international companies and offering not only chemical products supply but also technical and consulting assistance and solutions of several industrial problems if necessary through new, customized and appropriately conceived formulations for individual application.

ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS ( ENVICHEM): Company has been founded in 2008 in Greece by a group of scientists and engineers in order to supply services in environmental management. The growing needs for specialized and effective solutions and services for enviromental issues was the most important incentive for the owners of the company, with significant experience in management of :

  • Wastewater
  • Solid waste
  • Air polutants

Envichem company specializes also in the area of Aposmisis having the ability to offer the most modern and cost-effective techniques of neutralization of unpleasant odors during production processes or wastewater treatment.

PurgeMax® :  is a leading cost and quality performance purging solution for injection molding and blow molding use as well as extrusion companies in Asia. Over the years, Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd has been actively dealing with plastic resin industries and injection molding companies, in addition to selling other forms of screw and barrel cleaning products. Most of the customers always expect a product that is cost effective, easy to use, which is an all in one solution to their existing purging problems. With Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd’s skills and expertise in the field of chemicals and resins industries, Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd has managed to consolidate all relevant information and have finally developed a product that is user friendly, environmental friendly, that can be regarded as a universal product, this is PurgeMax®. Premium Multi Industries Sdn Bhd has appointed Hihgland Management Consulting Ltd based in Hungary to promote PurgeMax® in the European market.